The last champion you played...

#81Soldier3rdClassPosted 12/15/2012 3:58:30 AM
From: AgentReborn | #075
What is a female Darius?


Female Darius -
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Female Lee Sin... already topless... and blind... I like where this is going...
#83Damien 5000Posted 12/15/2012 5:40:40 AM
What's funny, is the last champ I THOUGHT I played was Hecarim. Because I main Hec. But I checked and it's Kat. I get to bone a male Kat. Know what? I wouldn't even care.
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Unbridled9 posted...
Male Miss Fortune.

I....can't even imagine what that'd be like :S.

Jack Sparrow? Or WIll Turner?

Male soraka.


male ahri wut


Is she can Gender Swap back and forth like Naruto, I'm -perfectly- fine with this.
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Unbridled9 posted...
Is now in the room,

madly in love with you,

and has been gender-swapped!
...I can still make it work!
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I'm not into you, ori.
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HeartSeeker Vayne, well ain't that ironic?
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So akali with glowing eyes?
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Soldier3rdClass posted...
From: AgentReborn | #075
What is a female Darius?


Female Darius -

I cringed irl
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Oh Shaco :3
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