Which Champions have the strongest late game?

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4 years ago#11
AD sion
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4 years ago#12
Log maw
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4 years ago#13
ERLiNo posted...
Tristana and ashe are both really good.
When fighting vs ashe you want to hurt yourself with the endless slows

We're talking hypercarries here, Trist and Ashe are faaar from being hypercarries.

My vote goes to Olaf, insane damage, true damage and cannot be CC'd
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4 years ago#14
Probably Poppy and Trist,
4 years ago#15
Lategame Shyvana is amazing.
4 years ago#16
Nasus and Vayne
4 years ago#17
Chielz0r posted...
Lategame Shyvana is amazing.

Let's keep this under wraps shall we? :)
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4 years ago#18
Nasus, Poppy, Vayne

Akali with a full build (including lich bane + void staff)
4 years ago#19
Sion; Veigar; Nasus
4 years ago#20
V_V_L_B posted...
Nasus, Veigar, and Sion.
All three can legally deal an infinite amount of damage.

Nope, at least Sion is capped.
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