Who had you got pentas with?

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4 years ago#41
Wukong; Thornmail OP.
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4 years ago#42
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4 years ago#43
One legit ranked one with Akali.

Rest we unranked, non-legit ones missing pentas with Ezreal and Katarina by half a second or so.
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4 years ago#44
4 years ago#45
Only Penta was with Graves, just tons of quadras on all my other often played champs
4 years ago#46
Edge4o7_ posted...
ez mode Kat penta

+ Ahri
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4 years ago#47
This topic was a fun read, but it's late and I'm gonna go sleep now.

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4 years ago#48
I've gotten a Penta with Viktor and Malphite. However, they were both unranked, and thus unrecorded. I've got an unconfirmed with Maokai if you want to get your rageface out.
4 years ago#49
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4 years ago#50
Dunk Master Yi
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