AP Nasus Guide: Or, How To Destroy The Meta And Have Fun Doing It

#131TheshamenPosted 12/19/2012 10:38:08 PM
What is god fist?
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#132TheConductorSix(Topic Creator)Posted 12/19/2012 10:51:17 PM
When I say Carry I don't mean AD Carry. I mean someone like Gangplank or Trynd who adds another Hard Carry to your team.

Do you know how frustrating it is fighting Jungle Tryndamere who sits in his jungle and just farms for 15 minutes then comes at you with Cleaver and Zeal? You beat Tryndamere with Exhuasts but if you blow Exhuast on him then the enemy ADC runs free. It's rough.

As for what to do against Poke Comps as AP Nasus: One Wither ends all Poke Comps. Wither on anyone is a fight or a flash, period.
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#133TheConductorSix(Topic Creator)Posted 12/19/2012 10:52:36 PM
God Fist is the Frozen Gauntlet Item.

It's core on Nasus because it gives him everything: AP, Cooldown, Armor, Mana, and another AOE slow. God Fist Nasus with Rylais is a walking slow machine
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dennis941012 posted...
From: TheConductorSix | #609
I wasn't talking to you SirDaniel :(

And yes, you need to understand, when faced with new ideas, the majority will ALWAYS react poorly. You must remember we are animals and pack animals at that. Our first notion is to go with the crowd. Most people are followers who are trained to do what they're told until told otherwise.

I remember when people said AP Yi was troll. When people said AP Kog'Maw was troll. When they said JunglePlank could never work, etc.

AP nasus doesn't work PAblo proved it!
well the thing is it may work and get nasus going
but there aren't many ranged top or jungle
and neither of thoese lanes have good amount of long range poke skills as well
so only "true" range other then support will be adc which will limit teamfight option
What will team do when they are getting poked down?

I ended positive and out-CS'd the Vi

When Sejuani ganks before you have wither, things tend to go badly. When Vi gets double buff in the same kill, it means a very tough lane for the next 3 minutes. As soon as level 6 hit there was 0 problem in lane.

And those teamfights... whoooo. So much slow. Plenty of damage.
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#135EDumeyPosted 12/19/2012 11:00:31 PM
I just like looking at the names in this topic and putting people into camps.

It's almost as if someone complained in LoL chat and people came to join them in their denials.

While I don't at all doubt that it works, I still don't really see a point to use Nasus OVER Cho'Gath in the situation where you'd want a tanky AP. (And yes I recognize that Tanky AP is different from AP with tanky itemization.)

The most generalized meta setup goes something like this.

AD Carry for high sustained shredding damage.
AP Carry for high burst assassination damage.
Utility Support to babysit/influence fights.
Bruiser Top for front line damage/peeling.
Bruiser/Utility jungler to front line/peel/influence fights.

In substituting a more normal AP assassin out, you are removing a major damage source. (Aside from aoe stomp comps and that sort.) This almost requires that your jungle or top goes carry. It's less AP Nasus allows role flexibility, but more AP Nasus forces more limited selection for another role

Comparatively, putting Cho'Gath in mid still allows him to have that normal super high burst in a mage with his full combo and huge ultimate Nuke, all while providing plenty of similar utility in team fight management.

I can definitely see that AP Nasus works, but I don't think it will ever be used in higher level play because of similar reasons to why normally built Nasus and Poppy aren't used at all now. They restrict a team to certain team comps. Can they hyper carry and do their job? More so than many other champs in LoL. Does that make them good and wonderfully viable? Not really.
#136TheConductorSix(Topic Creator)Posted 12/19/2012 11:02:39 PM
Yes, this is one of the things people NEED to understand with AP Nasus.

You can lose lane, but as long as you don't lose lane too badly, you'll out do 99% of AP carrys in team fights. With only 200-250 AP, you'll out damage and out CC every AP Carry in the game except Karthus. The difference being you'll survive your suicide where Karthus will not.

You're a Top 5 Tank and a Top 5 AP Carry in one go. AP Nasus is not just good, I seriously would consider it one of the 10 best champions in League right now.

There is just 0 counters to him. Spirit Fire requires 0 skill or know how. Farming Q is so easy on Wolves/Wraiths. You can't focus Nasus because his ultimate does too much damage to be near. You can't NOT focus him because 400 damage Qs every 3 seconds.

He causes so many problems for teams.
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#137xHateradePosted 12/19/2012 11:05:50 PM
How do you farm your Q and use your E to push the lane.

If you do one you can't do the other. If you try to farm your Q in lane against a ranged AP mid you are going to get dominated.
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#138TheConductorSix(Topic Creator)Posted 12/19/2012 11:19:53 PM
1.It's simple: AP Nasus does far more sustained damage than Cho. Cho has a nice burst that's dependent on skill shots. Nasus just Withers, Spirit Fires, Hits ultimate, and swings his Q in the middle of fights. There is no "aiming" with Nasus.

2.You replace the burst from AP Mids with burst from Assassins. Nasus frees up team comps to run Assassins and Melee Carrys in Jungle and Top. You can run Kha'Zix+Zed combos and completely one shot people. Nasus opens up so many team compositions by filling the Tank Role and AP role. If you build all armor and No MR, Nasus will absolutely god stomp you with his ult and Liandry's.

3.I've said it 5 times already: The reason you don't see Poppy and Nasus in high levels is because it takes them too long to get items. Hyper Carrys scale with items. AP Nasus erases all these problems. No one, and I mean NO ONE farms better than AP Nasus. He reaches God Mode in half the time as AD Nasus. By 20 minutes you can have 200 CS without any skill at all.
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#139McBonesIIPosted 12/19/2012 11:21:39 PM
ended first AP Nasus mid game as 5/9/18. Was only a normal since I wanted to just test the waters. I made lots of mistakes, I shouldn't have died that many times. I barely ever play mid, it's by far my worst role, I usually end up feeding.

Swapped HP yellows for armor yellows since I don't have the others, turns out it helped in the end. was against AP Ezreal - he has lots of quick harass that didn't push the lane, so I barely did anything for awhile. Last-hitting Q without armor pen + building it up was tougher than I thought. Top lane Xin got fed real quick, so he ganked mid a few times, but he couldn't dive me without dying and I never gave up a kill without killing someone also. I farmed wraiths and wolves when I could, but I botched my Q lots of times so it could've been better. Xin was a big problem, but I finished Athene's + Sorcs before grabbing Shroud + Fist.

Wither + Exhaust makes anyone like Xin next to useless. I had to balance between going for Xin or Twitch, though - wasn't really sure who I was gonna focus in teamfights. Whenever I died it usually caused a favorable trade, 1 for 2 or 2 for 4 or some such, so it was worth it.

I couldn't make my Spirit Fire kill a creep wave at rank 3. I had to get rank 4 + some AP before it did well. Maybe it's because I was a little behind. Anyway, tons of fun.
#140TheConductorSix(Topic Creator)Posted 12/19/2012 11:23:36 PM
How do you farm your Q and use your E to push the lane.

If you do one you can't do the other. If you try to farm your Q in lane against a ranged AP mid you are going to get dominate

See what I mean about getting asked the same questions over and over? People just don't take the time to read anymore.

Q on Nasus has been and always will be a luxury, not a necessity. His job is utility and CC first and foremost. Secondly, Spirit Fire slowly lowers minions health so you can run up and Q them easily because their armor is -40. Thirdly, once you clear mid with E, you run to Wraiths and do the same thing. Then Wolves. I routinely get 5-6 creeps per minute.

And lastly, Once Nasus reaches Level 6-7, NO AP MID CAN STAND UP TO YOU. Q minions to your heart's content. If they come in Wither range just Wither, Spirit Fire, and Q them back to turret. You can do 2/5ths an APs health.

If they fight you back just use Flask and your passive to get it all back.
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