Which champ would make it furthest in Ocarina of Time / defeat Ganondorf fastest

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Every time he killed an enemy his damage would increase. By the end of the game he'd just stun ganon and beat him to death with meteors.
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Talon fits the look best, and has the acrobatics necesarry for all the platforming. Plus in a world of "hit the weak spot for massive damage" Talon kind of excels.
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The Riot Team
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Phase 8 posted...
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Phase 8 posted...

Who needs to solve puzzles for items when you can just blow up the puzzles?

Water Temple

More like Steam Temple now.

if you thought lake Hylia was low on water before....just wait until a few pyroclasms go off...
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Mundo goes where he wants
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Teemo would make gannondorf rage and give up.
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Triikz posted...
Mundo goes where he wants

So close, yet so far.
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