Which champ would make it furthest in Ocarina of Time / defeat Ganondorf fastest

#31gallantknightPosted 12/18/2012 9:37:58 PM
Alakazam_fan posted...

Global ult


that or Cho'Gath. He'd just eat Hyrule.
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Kassadin with absolutely no contest. Riftwalk past the forest guard, then through the wall in Hyrule Castle to the room where pre-Triforce Ganondorf is sitting. Silence Ganondorf and nuke him since he's physically defenseless in OoT and relies entirely on magic.

Riftwalk to victory in any and all 3D games that don't already have flight mechanics or have any kind of walls keeping you from progressing, really.

Edit: Oh, you removed the ability to teleport... well, this stands if you're talking about Teleport the spell, but Caitlyn snipes Ganondorf in the head through the window at the start of the game if Riftwalk is too much.
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Jax would definitely make it the furthest if he actually used a real weapon.

Jax needs his own game.
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Blocktopus posted...
Jax would definitely make it the furthest if he actually used a real weapon.

Jax needs his own game.

Can you imagine Jax with Biggeron's Sword?


Anyway, my vote goes for Taric. Why? Well because I'm stupid biased and think he's one of the better champions in league but also because he kind of fits the theme and could kick ass and take names.
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She could probably kick Ganondorf's ass in a magic duel too
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Phase 8 posted...

Who needs to solve puzzles for items when you can just blow up the puzzles?

Sig'd XD

I lol'd so hard.
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Black Cleaver. It doesn't need to play the game. It just goes up to Ganondorf and smites him. Master sword is now obsolete.
I'm sure that sentence would have made more sense in german, but I see.