People with no DotA experience: Your opinions on this video?

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4 years ago#1

I'm a practitioner of human reactions, and find them very interesting. If you have no Dota knowledge or experience, I'd like you to watch this video then post your reactions, whatever they may be. About the content. Or the heroes. Or the production. Whatever comes to mind.

If I get enough feedback I might make this an occasional thing.
4 years ago#2
First started watching and I was like damn. These characters move rather quickly across the map.

Too much #YOLO ############### stuff going on. Too much rage, really. Like you could tell whoever edited the video (you?) was trying to attract an immature audience.
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4 years ago#3
What am I meant to be looking at?
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4 years ago#4
The idea is to see how you gauge the unfamiliar. It's a bit of a social experiment. And no, it's not my video.
4 years ago#5
I, for one, have DoTA experience and that is one of the best videos on the Internet.
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4 years ago#6
The video is very badly made, and I stopped watching.
4 years ago#7
From: BalanceNotLost | #005
I, for one, have DoTA experience and

I wonder how the hell they got an animation of Rubick dancing >_>
4 years ago#8
To be fair, I'm not sure if it's really gauging people's familiarity with the game as it is gauging their familiarity with over-processed dubstep killshot videos. You're dealing with 2 unknowns, and it's going to skew the results.

I'd instead recommend "Blinkin' and Slammin'"* since the average League player will be far more familiar with the concept of the "dunk".

4 years ago#9
That was my other consideration.

I was more gauging how the idea would be received to see if this was worth doing more of later on.
4 years ago#10
This video was bad and they should feel bad.

To much wubstep, too much YOLO crap going on. Was probably a bunch of herp derping college kids who just got done fist pumping with their broskis.

Plus it's kinda dumb how one accident could be so unforgiving.
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