You walk into the bathroom to find your last played champion showering...

#21RaverbasherPosted 12/20/2012 4:04:03 PM(edited)
I say,

"Nice, i needed a shower too, i'll soap you down."

Jump in, grab the soap, and start lathering Riven up.

And that thought just made my day. Ty TC.

Smokey MacPot posted...
I don't walk in on people showering, that's just rude. It's not like you can't hear that the shower is on, and I imagine the door is shut too. Who just walks into a bathroom like that?

When a girl says she needs to use your shower to wash her feet cos she's been wearing flip-flops/sandals/thongs, you go into the walk in shower which doesn't have a see-through door to grab your toothpaste, and she's decided to take a full shower instead.

The above line is pretty effective in that situation.
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#22ssj98_gotenksPosted 12/20/2012 4:02:12 PM
Hop in

#23Kevman510Posted 12/20/2012 4:04:00 PM

What're you doing in there, you belong in the ocean, that's not even salt water
#24the_rowanPosted 12/20/2012 4:08:17 PM

Found this awesome pic of just that happening.
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gallantknight posted...
Oh Vi...

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#26BarrenitePosted 12/20/2012 4:15:23 PM
I **** her.
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GP... i imagine him smelling like old spice post shower.
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Ahri... awwww yeah. *_*
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#29steamwr4pPosted 12/20/2012 4:20:52 PM

I don't know what to think or say. Better get out quick.
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#30DepressedOtterPosted 12/20/2012 4:20:59 PM
>you will never give Volibear a sensual back massage while you and him take a warm shower together and hold each other close.