You walk into the bathroom to find your last played champion showering...

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P00DGE posted...
It is a bit embarrassing to read some of the replies in this thread. Seriously, no one on this Earth is going to be happy to see you fat losers hop into the shower and violate them, why would any of the champions do so either? It is not like seeing someone on a shower naked is suddenly an invitation to ****, or even join.

>have awkward sex once
>be able to talk down to people who are just having fun
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Kennen. Definitely would leave before I took a shuriken to the head.
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Vi. Sweet.

I quite like.

*stares at dat ass*
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Mafia miss fortune... you know she DTF. would make for some interesting commentary

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Pink hair...if you know what I mean...
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I'd walk into the shower with Fiora and scrub her back :3
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Smokey MacPot posted...
I don't walk in on people showering, that's just rude. It's not like you can't hear that the shower is on, and I imagine the door is shut too. Who just walks into a bathroom like that?

I laughed until I saw your username, then it made sense... and I laughed some more.
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CenaxKikia posted...
Caitlyn.. I'm not sure if shes considered to be attractive by people.. so I don't know where to take this.

I'm attracted to her voice/accent. Otherwise I see her as one of those skinny women.

I don't like skinny/supermodel wannabe women (unhealthy skinny/thin)