You now HAVE to engage in a one night stand with your last played champion....

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Seems like things will get a little... wet.
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morgana hmmm
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I'm okay with this
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Forgive me GFAQs, for I have sinned.
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Morgana likes big ones. Kappa
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Blocktopus posted...
Jayce. I'm not gay but I'll do it anyway. He can powerslam me all night long


Vayne. I don't imagine that I'll have to do much. Strikes me as a dominatrix of some sort.
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Tristina.......well, least it's a she and not he and despite her physique it won't be as awkward as with Annie. At least I hope Tristina is of legal age...... o_O
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Singed. Well, guess I'm gonna die.
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