You now HAVE to engage in a one night stand with your last played champion....

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PrisonChile posted...
sweet annie. reminds me of my little sister.
im alright for this as long as tibs doesnt show up lol

lol pedophile
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DualSword31 posted...
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mother of....

eat out rekentons BUTT

i love your gimmick, you should just post this in unrelated topics
Any Goat on a cliff would tell you that..
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Vi... I get the feeling this is gonna hurt.
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yorick how that even work out anyways
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*shrugs* she's a fish down there
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I wonder if lee sin likes to sexually jam his foot up my butt. Yikes.
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You must defeat me to stand a chance!
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Lux? No complaints here.
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Well uhh... I'd rather not please.
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I will get in an Abrams and sit on the runway, right in front of the jets. Jets can't go in reverse.