Gifts you've given out/received?

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4 years ago#21
Received: Nothing

Given out: Nothing.

All I have on my friend list are polish people and russians who added me because I did pretty well in a match.
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4 years ago#22
Gave nephew Badger Teemo.

Received nothing.
4 years ago#23
Assassin Yi
Frostfire Annie
I <3 Rundas
4 years ago#24
Received: Rammus
It's more than good, it's alive!
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4 years ago#25
Pharaoh Amumu

Tyrant Swain
Emerald Taric
4 years ago#26
Given out:
Eternum Nocturne
Nemesis Jax
Dragon Trainer Lulu

psn: theneoarcadian
If only P4Golden was available on the PS3... :'[
4 years ago#27
Received: Firefighter Tristana. Frozen Shen.
Playing: AE, SFxT, Dota 2 beta, LoL.
4 years ago#28
Given out : Badger Teemo

Received : Nothing
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4 years ago#29

Red Baron Corki
Mistletoe LeBlanc
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4 years ago#30
the gift of love :3
My Mom ;_; -
My Dad -
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