Gifts you've given out/received?

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4 years ago#31
Nightmare Cho
Yellow jacket Shen
4 years ago#32
800 rp
Shadow Evelynn
Glacial Malphite

Badger Teemo
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4 years ago#33
Gave: Kha'Zix

Received: Caitlyn and Dragonslayer Vayne (my friend rewarded me for winning the game for us with a penta when I was lolwtffed)
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4 years ago#34
Magnificent TF
Pharaoh Amumu
$5 RP

Red Baron Corki
Nottingham Ezreal
$5 RP
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4 years ago#35
I've given out 7k rp worth of things to various people and have received quite a bit as well.

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4 years ago#36
Somebody should totally give me any Lee Sin skin. LoL-BlueberryHuggles UMvC3 Phoenix Wright/Captain America/Sentinel
4 years ago#37
Skyrim, Dishonored and Fallout to a random stranger
Kevin sent me.
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4 years ago#38
lmaokai got me kha'zix, mythic cassiopeia, and rp (which was put towards glacial malphite)

k0g got me mafia MF

other friend got me Prof. Ryze

suffer not got me slay belle kat

gave: lots of rp, unmasked kayle
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4 years ago#39
Gave nothing, got nothing. Guess people on euw aren't that generous, including myself. I just want syndra ;_; Oh well, better luck next time.
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4 years ago#40
Given Out:
Chosen Yi
Sasquatch Nunu
Professor Ryze
Scuba Gragas

Justicar Syndra :D
Hillbilly Gragas (I asked for scuba but my friends are trolls)
Karma (my friends are trolls)
Sakura Karma (My friends are trolls)
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