Your in high school and your last played champion is now one of your teachers...

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neji69 posted...
Vlad... idk

the circulatory system?
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did anyone here had sex with their teacher on sex education on high school?
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Omg, I'm sorry I used the wrong "you're". I noticed it right after I submitted the topic. Flipping Grammar Nazis are out today. :/
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Cho'Gath. I have no idea what he would teach me but you can be sure I wouldn't step out of line, I don't want to be eaten.
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Vi, the P.E teacher.
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I like pie
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Shen teaches Feudal Era Japanese History. But he teleports to save someone else halfway through his lecture D:
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Trundle teaches a computer class. Hue.
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Wayavas posted...
did anyone here had sex with their teacher on sex education on high school?

That would be preferably yes?
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