Who is your main?

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4 years ago#11
Eternum Nocturne. I luff him <3
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4 years ago#12

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4 years ago#13
4 years ago#14
4 years ago#15
High Five if you love Jesus!
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4 years ago#16
If I had to pick, Orianna. I like to play a variety, though.
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4 years ago#17
Support. I don't have a main since I fill and like being able to play multiple champs in every role.

In role

Top: Irelia
Mid: None, I don't mid
Jungle: Maokai
Support: Nami
ADC: Ezreal
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4 years ago#18
Cho'Gath, started playing him back in the day before he's kinda common in competitive play, and now you get the bandwagoners with a legendary skin who just suck with him and feed.
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4 years ago#19
WuLu NocTaric
XBL Gamertag: SupremeChaosX
4 years ago#20
LoL NA IGN: MyakkoFirst|steam: rihawf| Nami main
League of Legends BR IGN: Rihawf (who'd know?)
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