the last champ u played has to do ur math homework......................

#31Edgemaster70000Posted 12/25/2012 3:28:10 PM
What would chogath use to write?
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#32GuniversePosted 12/25/2012 3:28:14 PM

I don't think this'll go well.
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#33saborzeroPosted 12/25/2012 3:38:40 PM
Katarina... so two Ds
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#34OwlRammerPosted 12/25/2012 3:42:19 PM(edited)

Whatever grade I get the teacher gets dunked

get dunked
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#35DesulatedPosted 12/25/2012 3:53:36 PM
Ashe...well, if the teacher fails me, the teacher will probably get an arrow right in the forehead. XD
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#36TwilightKing13Posted 12/25/2012 4:05:45 PM
Well, they don't' call him Draaaaa+ven for nothing.
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#37Element_PearlPosted 12/25/2012 4:08:41 PM
i have xin zhao last so her is asian a+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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#38Luiz_AMNPosted 12/25/2012 4:29:19 PM
Lee Sin.
He's asian and the lore says that he's really smart.
#39CloakedNubPosted 12/25/2012 4:30:50 PM

He's too cute to fail, so an automatic A.
#40InfestedAdamPosted 12/25/2012 4:39:13 PM
Cho'gath.......I think he'll just eat the teacher for assigning the homework or me for having him do it.
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