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3 years ago#71
I want Arctic Warfare Caitlyn because it will complete my Caitlyn skin collection.
3 years ago#72
1. Officer Caitlyn
2. cause i've been naughty :P
3 years ago#73
Nemesis Jax
Cuz I love Jax and you love Jax and Nemesis is a rockin skin!

And who doesn't like a suckup?
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3 years ago#74
Airsoftcomeback posted...
Merry christmas guiz.

Kinda drunk riofht now and il regret this but im gonna give three people in dis here topic three skons


1: say what skin you want.

2: give me a reason why you desrve this skin.

Il choose the three best answers out of everyone.

Good kuk

Is it really that difficult to form correct sentences while drunk? I can be borderline blackout wasted and still type moreorless as I do while sober. Sure, it takes more time, but Christ...
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3 years ago#75
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3 years ago#76
rocket girl tristana because i think she is hot.
3 years ago#77
Vindicator Vayne because I have every other Vayne skin, and all other Vayne skins are horrible. I know, I am an idiot for buying the other ones in the first place, but Riot hates me and won't put the only good Vayne skin on sale, instead they are giving me each bad Vayne skin first.
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3 years ago#78
Who won?
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3 years ago#79
GujinKami posted...
Who won?

Not me, sadly.
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3 years ago#80
Mafia Graves, the oranges will show them death.
LoL IGN:Paradox
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