The last champion you played is being attacked by an infinite zerg swarm...

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Swain isn't the one who is being attacked he is the one who attacks
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Edgemaster70000 posted...
This topic has so many champions that could win.

Anyone with an invincibility or health-boosting ult,
Anyone with any kind of heal,
Anyone with a global ult,

that's just off the top of my head. Fail topic.

Not everyone just played a champ with invincibility, health boost, heal or global ult...
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E something, run away
win everything
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AP Yi.

With no cooldowns and infinite mana, Yi just continually Qs the zerg swarm, stopping only to hit his taunt in the breaks left by his wrath. Theoretically, he'd be able to do this forever, considering the invincibility he gains by using his Q.
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Today is a good day to die.
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An infinite swarm of Crows, nobody can stop Swain MUAH HA HAAAAAA.
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Hecarim says lol
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Eat them all!
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cho eats them all until they realize that he is the new zerg chosen one and they follow him to victory against the terran and protoss
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boxes suddenly outnumber zerg
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