Nocturne in S3?

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3 years ago#1
How have you been building him? I find that I build him exactly the same, except for a black cleaver now. Not even sure if the black cleaver is particularly good on him. I have been going:


Does that sound fair? It is a little heavy on the MR, but bulwark and wit's end are practically core because bulwark is just so good and wit's end works well so well on him. Might replace mallet with randuins for more armor.
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3 years ago#2
Try Sword of Divine on him.
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3 years ago#3
Seems to me he can build relatively the same, but BC is definitely viable if you can afford to do the extra damage without dying horribly in a fight but it would require something else to give attack speed.

If you only wanted one item then a ghostblade would be the superior choice.
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3 years ago#4
Lately I've been building him Elder Lizard, Hydra, boots of choice, SotD, Frozen Mallet, and from there I tend to pick up some type of armor item based on what I need.

I've been thinking about not building my spirit stone into an elder lizard and instead going for a glacial shroud which I'll later make into a frozen mallet, and swapping out SotD for Wits since I seem to not kill with those 3 hits, and then I can't kill after that on any ADC who has a bloodthirster going...

So, a modified build is FH, Hydra, Boots, Wits, Frozen Mallet, and either Maw or Randuin's depending on my needs.
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3 years ago#5
From: Village Idiot | #002
Try Sword of Divine on him.


as long as you're not in high elo just go wriggle's brutalizer into sotd

then every time your ult is up kill something

snowballs super hard
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3 years ago#6
BC is great because if theyre clumped up after you ult in umbra blades will drop a stack of the debuff on everyone, as will your ult, and dusk trail will add more. By this point, people should be dying. Which ones depends on how everyone else reacts.
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