So who is the best ad bruiser for late game team fights?

#11ohnoitslueshiPosted 12/28/2012 2:25:11 PM
Tie between Olaf and Nasus. They play the same way: pop ult, run or flash in, and cause as much damage as possible. Their skillsets reflect this: Olaf's got a passive that makes him more and more dangerous as he loses health, a long-range nuke/slow, a huge AD steroid that also gives him staying power, and quick, easy true damage that syncs with his passive; Nasus, meanwhile, has free lifesteal, an enormous low-cooldown nuke, a massive slow and AS cripple, and AoE armor shred.
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Oh yeah forgot about Nasus >>

Maybe its because I havent seen one reaching late game in at least 8 months >>

Edit: I still vote for Olaf though.
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pick someone
you will kill them every single fight
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Rookie_Jet posted...
I think J4 has a lot of fans with his great gap close + hard CC built into one. Right after that, he can immediately trap the squishies with him. I do like Olaf though, but I just wanted to suggest someone else to consider.

No Jarvan. Yes Olaf
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or Riven
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Poppy doesn't do Teamfights.

She turns 5v5s into 1v1s
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#20Zero17Posted 12/28/2012 3:38:40 PM
Olaf or Nasus if he gets farmed enough.

Of course, Nasus is very susceptible to kiting, so I'll have to give it to Olaf.