why are all the female characters 1s or 10s

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Anyway, seriously, Sivir's like 7 for me...

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Dude they are all obviously above 10. Except maybe annie she looks like pretty young.
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Vergilkilla posted...
Which do you consider as 1's?

Ahri is a 6 for me, I feel like she could lose some weight

Not sure if srs.
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So many people getting easy trolled up in here. Sad.
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I really don't get why so many people were put off by the Ahri thing. Do you people seriously think she isn't chunky or is this board just filled with guys who like fat girls?

Serious question. I don't care what folks' preferences are, I am just genuinely confused as to what's going on. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-- weight is not. Ahri, to me, just screams diabetes and/or hypothyroidism.

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Teemo 10
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I can't believe anyone took that Ahri weight comment seriously. It was obviously a joke, right?
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I can't believe anyone took that Ahri weight comment seriously. It was obviously a joke, right?

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i cant believe people think that there is such a thing as a 10.....