Funnest cheap-ish champions?

#31EDumeyPosted 1/2/2013 12:28:08 PM
EzMoade posted...
Jesus Christ, stop making topics.

Just make one topic and title it "Karmic's topic for every last thought that pops into his head" and update that. You're f***ing worse than SwiftToad and that's saying something.

You've seen nothing.

Anyway, Karmic almost always has some interesting premise. Swift and the amphibian ilk always return to the same older jokes.

The REAL fun part of Karmic is to watch his attitude shifts when he posts in other topics. Like, if you see a Karmic topic, Karmic is smiley and happy and no one can upset him no matter how much they try to derail or insult. If you see Karmic in other peoples topics, it's almost always some sarcasm or pointing out bad contradictions in other people's posts, really almost running a sort of Quality control. Which his hilarious compared to his major reason of popularity.

<3 u karmic babbee.
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Also, I'm fairly certain the actual bait of this topic was for someone to call out Karmic on saying he was waiting for 30 rather than 20 for runes. But everyone either answered the actual topic or derailed. >_>