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4 years ago#1
what would you guys recommend as a build for her. i was in a match with one today and they did pretty good so i wanna try it out
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4 years ago#2
I'm thinking start flask, pots, and a ward. Get Sheen and eventually turn that into Iceborn Gauntlet. I'm not really sure what else tbh. Hexdrinker/Maw might be good against AP opponents.Maybe do something goofy like getting Hydra or BotRK because you're Leona top and you don't give a ****
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4 years ago#3
I did this once when my ADC flaked on me and left me alone in lane. It's not very viable, but you might catch a game where it works.

Pick items out of this pool:

Rod of the Ages
Iceborn Gauntlet
Randuin's Omen
Frozen Heart
Runic Bulwark

Basically tanky while getting some AP in the process.
4 years ago#4
Zerk's boots
Witch's hat
Dual blades
Infinity Dagger
Blade of the king
REd sword
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4 years ago#5
Locket Of Solari
Runic Bulwark
Sightstone/Warmogs/GA/Miracle/ the QSS sp item
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4 years ago#6
Wow 4 serious responses and no one saying Leona sucks top lane, don't even bother?

(Well, okay, SirDaniel's is a joke response, but...)
4 years ago#7
magnusblitz posted...
Wow 4 serious responses and no one saying Leona sucks top lane, don't even bother?

That's a boring response made by boring people.
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