Which champ did you acquire your first Pentakill with?

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4 years ago#61


Yeah, I'm that guy.
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4 years ago#62

Cant remember all the details but basically they had left me alone for so long that my Q got so fed that one Q was nearly enough to one shot the ap mage, adc and support. the other 2 took a couple more but they all fell since none of them could get away when i withered
4 years ago#63

I wasn't very fed, but there was a big fight where I just kinda stood around, attacked people, and mashed Q

I was very surprised when it resulted in me getting a penta
4 years ago#64
Never had a penta, maybe never will
Because I suck at this game, and I cannot get kills.
Don't think I've even had a double, maybe once or twice
But usually I die in the middle of teamfights.
And I'm horrible at ganking- I cannot fight in lane-
and no matter which champ I try the outcome's still the same.
AP, AD, Support, Jungler and Carry too,
No matter which I try to play it always ends "You lose".

In summary,
I don't play this game much, therefore I suck at it, and I have not experienced the awesomeness of the pentakill.
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4 years ago#65

Managed to ult and kill the super fed AD Yi.

the teamfight ended with the yi chasing down their alistar and killing him standing for a second and a half"Pentakill", then disappearing.

Was epic and made my world.
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4 years ago#66
mordekaiser was the only one on my team left after a bad baron fight. enemy team got out ran by her and i had her alone. She tried to stun me but the push back didn't quite get me to the wall so i got to burst her. her ghost killed the rest of her team low from baron in less than 5 seconds with my help. We turned that game around too and won....sweet.
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4 years ago#67
First ever was with Brand, and I was super fed.

was 11-0 at like the 15 minute mark.

Their whole team was in the bush on baron side overlooking middle lane. I had it warded and proceeded to flash in ult-w-e and everyone just blew up. Was epic.

Only other Penta was with Talon. Again super fed pub. Just e'd in and hit ult and melted everyone.

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4 years ago#68
My first penta was with Twitch back in the day. Got two in one game ha.
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4 years ago#69
evelynn, in coop vs ai
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4 years ago#70
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