Which champ did you acquire your first Pentakill with?

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User Info: oomhans

4 years ago#71

I still have no idea why, but I got two pents in one game, without actually being fed (the first time, that is).
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User Info: EcchiBaka

4 years ago#72
Sona_Buvelle posted...

Oh you.
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User Info: ZimmianZisk

4 years ago#73
My first penta was with Shaco. I don't know how, and I didn't at the time. I think its because the enemy team kept trying to run from me, and were streaming in one at a time. needless to say, I was quite pleased.
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User Info: mot0ko

4 years ago#74
Pantheon on normal

my team engaged in a fight without me, so i mandropped and grabbed a triple kill just like that(I was a bit fed though). After that w+e to kill the adc and one last spear to kill their karthus. It felt amazing atm.
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User Info: spartanreborn1

4 years ago#75
Corki was my first and only SR penta.
Enemy laner was just bad so I got hella fed off them, and the rest of the team was doing about even. After a couple teamfights which we dominated (got a quadra in one of them), we had one last teamfight in which I got the penta.

I think I have gotten a penta in ARAMs once as Amumu, but I don't remember the circumstances. Probably ulted everyone and then just cried everything to death.

User Info: AgentReborn

4 years ago#76
Numerous quadras and two delayed pentas. The closet I've ever come to a Penta was a 4x dunk on Darius and I dunked the 5th person but they died to the Oriana ignite. Had a Fiddle CAWCAWCAW a 5th kill from me another time

No actual pentas though

User Info: spartanreborn1

4 years ago#77
From: Arken101 | #052
Master Yi at like summoner level 6 or something. I had 2 PDS 3 BT'S and an IE back around the Pre-Graves Patch sometime in Season 1.

Pre-Graves patch also covers a large portion of Season 2.

User Info: WolfRage

4 years ago#78
Vayne, but that was when she first came out and 1v5, i agree she needed the nerf but now they just went overkill on her. Followed by Kat and Akali, sadly never higher than a double kill on karth.
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User Info: RXPK

4 years ago#79
Captain Teemo! x2
Olaf x1

First teemo we were so behind, but it was really scrubby game. No accomplishment.

Olaf is just man mode, period. ;3
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User Info: Dark Vaporeon

Dark Vaporeon
4 years ago#80
Riven a couple of days after her release
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