We get it Riot, You can't help but make only sexy chicks.

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User Info: Kirbix

4 years ago#31
djprofessork1 posted...
CenaxKikia posted...
Why does everyone forget sivir? Yes she has very little clothes but its a giant fat chick with a beer belly.. they had to have her outfit skimpy so you can see how ugly she actually is.


Sivir has massive jugs

So does Rosie o donnell
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User Info: fullmetalyanal

4 years ago#33
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User Info: Crevox

4 years ago#34

User Info: chicostick

4 years ago#35
themagicpainman posted...
Leona? She's fairly normal.

she looks like Natalie Portman or something

User Info: TwoForTragedy

4 years ago#36
Karma Vi Riven

User Info: MrTriggerKrazy

4 years ago#37
I dunno about you guys but Anivia's pretty damn sexy.
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4 years ago#38
Ezreal is not sexy girl.....ohh wait..
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User Info: Desulated

4 years ago#39
So I guess TC's point is that they want an unappealing character with a repulsive-looking face and body? There's quite a few tame females IMO.
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User Info: Kyerofox

4 years ago#40
albinojako posted...
LeVulcan posted...
Ezreal looks kind of like a dood, so that counts as an ugly chick, right?

Wait.... Is ezrael a girl or are you just trolling?

He's kidding haha, but honestly.. no homo, he is pretty. =\
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