having trouble with mid lane

#1Dwhite_1Posted 1/2/2013 8:48:31 PM
ok, so ever since S3 hit my cho cho got nerfed pretty bad. all the items i build on him, athenes frozen heart rabadons GA got nerfed. the only one that stayed the same was rylais. and his passive got nerfed a little. bottom line hes still great and godlike but just a little less than he was before, whos a good new ap mid thats kinda tanky, can carry the game and does tons of damage? mordie maybe?

tldr need a new mid
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master yi
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Going by your criteria..

Morde, Ryze, Vlad, Swain.
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Ryle is still a strong pick and man amines active adds around 900dmg to each spell rotation of his or go until label mode with Seraphs embrace mana shield makes a raze that can't die. More is also always a solid choice. Gragas and galio are both still good pick to.
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Swain or Ryze.

Morde is tanky too but has no CC, which was one of the better parts about Cho.
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anivia is on free week right now, she's really fun to play and is sort of tanky for an ap carry
#8ZeidrichPosted 1/2/2013 10:56:46 PM
Cho is still god tier mid. Hes better now thanks to flask.
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Quote:master yi
Yi mid OP
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Try Anivia.
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