new champ

#1a5ny5Posted 1/3/2013 2:50:42 AM
#2DredjPosted 1/3/2013 3:59:08 AM
6 second spell with 80% life steal? wut?
#3UnderwaterAirPosted 1/3/2013 4:08:53 AM
6 second spell with 80% life steal? wut?

Don't forget about the no mana and no energy cost.
Sounds really lame. We do not need this. =_=
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#4SpacefrisianPosted 1/3/2013 4:11:01 AM
Ecpect a nerf here and there before they release this to the masses.
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#5NuramaTheBDPosted 1/3/2013 4:24:46 AM
not a real champ, fan made.
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#6Isaac_from_ValePosted 1/3/2013 4:24:57 AM
Except it's fan-made.
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#7TriangularTwigPosted 1/3/2013 4:30:33 AM(edited)
lol riot does release some powerful champs but this would actually be a broken champ. probably to the point where he is necessary in every team comp. good thing its not real

its a cool concept tho, i would like to see a champ like this but not so overpowered