I find Graves' Ult to be...

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Blbmbr666 posted...
From: GhostSignal | #026

Cait: Graves will outcarry Cait lategame due to a lower CD reposition and burst damage. Also, none of his moves tie him down for any noticeable amount of time, in contrast to Cait's Q and R. Also, Smokescreen OP.

MF: Both are good in early laning, but Graves seems to be more bursty. Lategame I'd still take Graves over MF due to having a better kit (IMO).

Ezreal: Depends on how the Ezreal is building, but I use these two interchangeably most of the time.

In all reality, I find most of the ADCs to be balanced with each other right now. Except maybe Corki, who didn't receive a nerf while both Ez and Graves did.

Joey, I love you bby but MF is definitely better than graves late game. Graves' strength is midgame and he beats her there for sure but late game I'd say MF wins out.
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Any opinions on Corki's ult?
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From: sauceje | #042
Any opinions on Corki's ult?

Fantastic at level 6 and midgame. You can opt to build a triforce with him and do "tons of damage" midgame because of how short the cooldown is. Becomes pretty lackluster lategame though and eventually you're better off just autoing.
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I love graves' ult, if you can scoot into Q range, if you Q and then immediately R afterwards, thats a dead ****in champ. Especially if you can sneak in on a teamfight like that, the AOE damage is too strong
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Graves ult is very strong in lane, instant burst that is basically idiot proof. The more fed graves is the more mileage the ult gets.

People always used to say graves beat out carries like mf late because of his no cd reposition and AS buff, and the opness of smoke screen. I guess opinions have changed
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If Mf's the highest damaging adc ult in the game, twitch can't be far behind, especially with sotd right now.
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funkys-flights posted...
If Mf's the highest damaging adc ult in the game, twitch can't be far behind, especially with sotd right now.

I've read several maths saying twitch does have the highest damage potential of any ad carry
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I think MF ult is the best one simply because of Amumu
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