How do you play Janna in lane against kill-lane supports?

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4 years ago#11
Like Leona, Taric, and Blitz?

These are just general tips as I'm not a support main but I do consider myself a solid support player. This is also assuming your ADC is a solid player and pretty much on the same page as you are and knows what to do to make the plays.

Against Leona-
She will land her initiate, at some point she will land it. Your best bet for when she lands it is to wait for the initial damage on your adc, then shield him so as to let his AD buff last as long as possible. This is for the trade that will happen. Their ADC will come in to do damage. You want to land your Q on him at this time to give your own ADC as much time as possible to damage back after he's off of his stuns from Leona. Throw your slow onto the enemy ADC after your own ADC is off of Leona stun. Throw down your exhaust on the enemy ADC. Auto attack at every step that you can.

You generally don't want to be aggressive against a Leona but know that your lane presence counts! So stay in there, use your shield to harass when you can, auto attack harass when you can, just take care to not get caught.

Against Taric-
Much the same as going against Leona. He will land his stun at some point and come in to burst. There is just about no way for your team to outburst him unless you have Graves and he has a Vayne or something like that. Never go in close to him because Janna is squishy (we like that >_>).

The best thing you can do is to simply let him zone you and hope he ends up pushing the lane. Regardless, also, at times, Taric will find himself overextended regardless of what he does. When he does this don't fail to auto attack harass him back and punish him for it. Make it so that when he throws out his stun it is useless also. Position it so that when he comes in to stun throw out your Q onto the enemy ADC and shield from Taric's W. This means stun will wear off and the enemy ADC is still stuck in knockup and you can safely disengage OR engage at that point as most of their initiation should be gone. So watch the enemy ADC, watch the Taric, watch your ADC, when that stun comes in, Q into the approach of the enemy ADC to stall him and make it a wasted stun for Taric.

Against Blitzcrank-
Ban him. Pure and simple. He's such a pain to deal with in solo queue at low elo play all the way up until 2000+ elo if not higher.
The best thing you can do as a Janna is to keep the bushes that are in danger warded at all times and be sure you are the one that is not grabbed because you will die in one burst and you need to be the one to disengage with your Q and slow.
No matter which way you slice it you'll both be ending up in Hell!
4 years ago#12

In general, do all the good supporty things like ward, map awareness, and letting your ADC know about incoming ganks or sensing incoming ganks. Also, know that all of those three have one strong initiation each. The moment you thwart that initiation you generally have free reign to engage and be aggressive with respect to a flash engage from them. Learn the cooldowns of those skills and use that time to create more presence in lane for your carry to farm more easily and maintain that psychological state that winning is possible if not easily done. By using this time I mean going right up to the front with Janna, throwing auto attacks to harass them since you are ranged and they are not. Use your shield on yourself if need be to absorb punishment from their ADC, punish Leona and Blitz for not having heals, punish Taric anyway because he's an annoying support, punish their ADC also if he chooses to be in your face (your shield will absorb damage and you AD buff will let you trade with him effectively, if he gets greedy with know that your own ADC can be there to initiate if you get a slow off on the enemy ADC since his own support can't counter initiate as well anymore) when their initiation skill is back off of cooldown just back off a bit.
No matter which way you slice it you'll both be ending up in Hell!
4 years ago#13
RedZaraki posted...
Do you always release the tornadoes as quickly as possible?

What should I be doing in the lane (besides standing in a bush waiting around)?

Only bots get hit repeatedly by fully charged tornado. Get bush control and use tornado when enemy ADC moving to last hit. Dont shoot straight to ADC everytime , shoot behind him or shoot fully charged on their minion. Enemy support will use ward on your bush then put your pink ward (if they dont , use this pink on their 2nd river ward). Avoid using normal ward against kill lane before their support get sightstone. They will rush sightstone and rarely buy GP/10 (except taric) so get philo and kage while you put strategic pink.
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