What exactly IS S3's meta?

#21bast999Posted 1/4/2013 11:23:44 AM
Doulou posted...
25 pot start and 5 bruisers. Pick or ban Mu, pick or ban Singed.

Who the **** is Mu? There is no champ whose name starts with "Mu" and Amumu may get nerfed next patch.
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SorrySleeping posted...
From: The-World-Seven | #011
y'kno who counters AD assassins?

bruisers who can survive them

inb4 bruiser mid

bruiser everywhere

o wait

Armor/MRes has been nerfed.
Tanks now gear towards HP over Armor/MRes
ArPen/MPen/%HP items have been buffed.


Build Warmogs, Thornmail and Sunfire Cape on your prefered bruiser/tanky champ, proceed to laugh at puny assassin as they chip your armor while you just outsustain them like a boss.
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