Anyone play on a Mac?

#1whereschrisPosted 1/3/2013 7:47:24 PM
Anyone? Can you play against PC players while on a Mac?
#2ssj98_gotenksPosted 1/3/2013 7:49:24 PM
i don't.

but i know you can.
#3CheezWhizXPosted 1/3/2013 7:49:53 PM

same servers as PC.
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#4ZjakzPosted 1/3/2013 7:50:15 PM
I do. Yeah you can. Use boompje client.
#5Mahlazer123Posted 1/3/2013 7:50:51 PM
Yes, you can. Type in boompje on google and download his client. There are a few shortcomings to the client (you need to change the HUD settings every game so that the image is crisp) but it's currently very good overall. I'd definitely recommend the game for PC if possible, but I've been a Mac Client user for 1.5 years or so now and it has been an okay experience.
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#6whereschris(Topic Creator)Posted 1/3/2013 8:01:38 PM
Awesome, thanks err body!