The last champion you played is now your future childs first name

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SirDanieI posted...

I am actually seriously considering naming my future son Darius as I think it sounds awesome. Also since I'm a Christian it would fit in as well.

Darius is a greek name anyway like Alexander.
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Renekton Williamson. F*** you bubble tests.
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SirDanieI posted...
Susan0 posted...
Pantheon Chan. Rly?

If your a girl; you take the last name of your husband :/

I bet that he has enough common sense to know that.
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Vayne, but since that's her last name, I guess it would be Shauna. Not the worst name ever but like the guy above, if I had a girl I probably would name her Riven :P
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MMG_ posted...
Shen Takahashi.


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Evelynn Sargent... hmm.
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I'm already naming my child Irelia, what more do you people want?!
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Mordekaiser...Ok i could name my son that.
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Lee Sin Lea?