What Are All The Gangplank Nicknames/Builds

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3 years ago#11
How do you build AP Gangplank?
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3 years ago#12
Frosted_Midna posted...
How do you build AP Gangplank?

You buy items that give ap
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3 years ago#13
Jungleplank? No, it's called Gankplank. Good lord
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3 years ago#14
You'll want an early tiamat or gauntlet on Bankplank for aoe q procs.
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3 years ago#15
there is also the always loved but racist Jewplank. it isnt much different from bankplank though tbh.
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3 years ago#16
Frosted_Midna posted...
How do you build AP Gangplank?

3 years ago#17
Tankplank - tanky
Bankplank - money focused
Gankplank - mobility
Critplank - full AD
Offtankplank - Frozen Mallet, Gauntlet, Atmogs etc.
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3 years ago#18
Good stuff, I myself only knew of 2 of these. :p
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3 years ago#19
I was an authority on Gangplank before he got sad with all the new matchups not being in his favor...

Tankplank was the preferred build back when Atmogs was good stuff, you built a Warmogs, you built an Atmas, you won the game.

Bankplank was when you stacked all of the GP/5 items and then farmed with Q the whole game to finish your build before everyone else, helpful when your team lost hard...just hold out till 30 minutes guys, I got this.

Gankplank was jungleplank, when your E had a decent range on it and you could give your laner a huge MS buff so they could land the initial CC and you could come in and finish up with a nice Parrrley

Critplank was stacking all of the crit and AD you could and then exploding people, was fun but you are way too squishy.

Tiamatplank was when you stacked 5 tiamats and maybe a pair of boots...or 6 tiamats, back before the Tiamat redo if you hit a target then all of the Tiamat's would proc, but the range was smaller. If they clumped or got near a minion you could oneshot their entire team.

As for APplank? You build a Lichbane, a Deathcap, stack as much AP and CDR as you can...and you pray your ult and your Q can carry you. Hope those cannon balls hit!
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