Evelynn is now the most banned champion.

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What other champions have strong map control that aren't instabanned?

Only one that comes to mind is TF atm.
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Sjaelen posted...
What other champions have strong map control that aren't instabanned?

Only one that comes to mind is TF atm.

TF is banned in High elo all the time, but id say panth mid/jungle is also OP af atm

but when it comes to mid champs I see no reason to play any AP champ besides eve and TF atm... they are literally insta win at the current state of this game if you are even remotely doing your job
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I don't know if I would class any champ as broken. However, like the other champs that I ban (Amumu, Malphite, Shen, Blitz, etc), she is annoying to deal with, and the type of champ you really can't trust your team to cope with.
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Tbh, you might as well blame the new changes in S3, (that also made AD caster so popular) more specifically the DFG re-re-work that pairs really well on Eve. Presumably the reason they also nerfed her Ult's damage at the start of S3 as well.

Without that particular active and her ult, she honestly doesn't have any burst (Q is sustained damage, W is a sprint, and E is lol) and you should otherwise avoid getting into ravage/melee range as a squishy champ with no defense that is easily countered with hard cc.

For the most part, all she has really has is her Q to kite and her W to escape/chase until her ult and/or DFG are ready. The upcoming nerf to her hp and E is only going to encourage further kiting with her tbh, which is just going to make her even more frustrating to deal with.
(aside from that Riot seems rather content with Eve atm)

Edit~ And for the record, Eve was my second unlock and I chose her because I prefer stealth gameplay in general. (Teemo was my first)
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BurnumMaster posted...
A lot of baddies play this game. Eve preys on them so it makes sense for them to just ban her rather than learn to play.

Or they realize their skills in the game don't transfer to their teammates in solo queue and ban her so that she doesn't get fed off of them.
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Shuriko posted...
From: EchoPianist | #023
Eve isn't OP, her burst is only strong whenever she has her ult up. With the ult on CD, she has to rely mostly on her sustained damage with Q and E, and she goes down really fast if she's targeted in teamfights. She's strong yes, probably the best roamer in the game, but she's not an insta-win champ.

this is a really bad post

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