So what do you do when the following happens to you as the jungler...

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This didn't just happen to me, honest - Results (62 votes)
Blame your teamates
6.45% (4 votes)
Just farm
14.52% (9 votes)
Counter gank
3.23% (2 votes)
All of the above
8.06% (5 votes)
I'm Batman
58.06% (36 votes)
Other - please specifiy
9.68% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
You and your allied but idiotic Gragas invade the enemy red and he starts with his body slam and misses with it against the enemy Soraka who flashes to escape, oh and as a result he feeds horribly against the enemy first pick Lux who proceeds to go 7/0.

Your Jayce top doesn't watch over your red when you ask him to and gets lvl 2 ganked by the enemy Amumu who stole it and dies as a result.

Your bot lane pushes all game so you can't do anything to help them when they begin to lose due to their Soraka.

Why me? oh well I'll just point the finger at Gragas since he rushed a tear and fed Lux in the first place.
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Make a GameFAQs topic.
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Not worry about it because even if I did have something constructive to say, I'd doubt they'd hang around to hear me out, as many people aren't interested in being told how to play better from some random guy in queue.

Take the loss, play another game, try to do better next time.
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Other: Invoke the power of prayer.
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let the usual happen, everybody blame the jungler in which I ignore.
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If you got killed by a level 2 amumu you were probably doing something wrong.
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You carry the Game because Batman never loses.
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Voidgolem posted...
If you got killed by a level 2 amumu you were probably doing something wrong.

Reading comprehension
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