Most infuriating champ?

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3 years ago#21
Teemo, Teemo, oh and Teemo.
3 years ago#22
Ree Singah
3 years ago#23
Dude don't start a new account... Just get up to level 30 and by t3 runes
hey there
3 years ago#24
/L /L /L /Lux.
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3 years ago#25
LeSituasian posted...
Dude don't start a new account... Just get up to level 30 and by t3 runes

I'm starting the new account because the toxic atmosphere when you perform poorly in games has gotten to me and I want the freedom to tell people to "fudge" themselves without worrying about getting my account banned when I've sunk real money into it. It's so I can practice, because I know I suck, and being able to tell the people who think calling me a noob is constructive criticism to shut the hell up while I'm learning.
3 years ago#26
Teemo. More specifically AP Teemo late-game.

Expect the entire enemy team to be constantly swearing because of you in their own chat when you literally have shrooms set-up everywhere.

2nd best would be Singed, awful to chase/fight because of poison, can get remarkably tanky if fed, can toss you to the other enemy teammates/enemy turrets, and is a pain in the ass to catch with most champions if you actually manage to get close to killing him.

Followed by Mundo, again for pretty much being another "unkillabe baitmaster".

After that pretty much any other champion that can easily escape when at low health and/or can harass/kite you to hell otherwise. (Nid comes to mind)

Oh, and don't forget to constantly spam that laugh as Teemo or Singed, and to always type rofl in allchat everytime someone gets killed by a shroom.

P.S.~ Though AP Yi is rather annoying, he is not particularly "infuriating" on his own. I also wouldn't be too sure about going for (AP) Teemo atm with certain upcoming changes, unless ofc you only play classic 5v5.
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3 years ago#27
Garen can be the most annoying tank while still doing damage. I had one the other day that walked past our second tower at top, into our base, and out through out bot lane, taking out one of our champs and taking 3 of us to kill him while his team took out our top tower. Needless to say it sucked for us, even though we ended up winning he alone ruined our game.

Mundo can also be super tanky and scary, especially when jungling.

Singed, as everyone said is wonderful.
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3 years ago#28
Shyvana bot. You think "Hey, it's a bot game. They'll go down easy!". I've never seen a single human player or any other bot escape certain death so fluidly, so often. Rage-inducing.

I know this about who -you- should choose. So, on topic: Teemo.
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3 years ago#29
Played my first game as Teemo. Did atrociously, pissed off my own team. So he's definitely great at pissing some people off.
3 years ago#30
BondedByBlood posted...
Teemo, Teemo, oh and Teemo.
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