Most infuriating champ?

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4 years ago#31
Why would anyone say any champ that's not teemo. Most annoying by far
4 years ago#32
Nidalee is a champ played exclusively by people who want to piss other people off.

Teemo gets the runner up award.
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4 years ago#34
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4 years ago#35
Definitely Singed. So annoying and unignorable, and for a guy with infinite health he's stupidly fast and can easily get to anyone on your team and fling them back into his own, all while dealing massive DoT to everyone who tries to stop him.
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4 years ago#36
Was gonna say Teemo but even when he irritates the hell out of me his team usually loses. I'd go with Nidalee.
4 years ago#37
Garen... Just get a little bit fed, build an Atmogs tank and then Jump out of the bushes, Spin to win and finish like a little pric.

if you want to be more annoying just start building tank and then run around teamfights like mario with star power
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4 years ago#38
Teemo, singed, lux and nidalee
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4 years ago#39
Zilean. I never get raged at by opponents more than when I play Zilean, by a wide margin. It's crazy.
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4 years ago#40
Holy crap, Singed is great. I don't know if I've accomplished my goal of making the other team rage, but the few games I played with him were a significant improvement in my performance.
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