You can have one champ's abilities IRL

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2 years ago#31
High Five if you love Jesus!
High fives:11 Annoyed faces:4
2 years ago#32

I want a pet yeti. :3
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Pokemon Black FC: 3869 5254 3412
2 years ago#33
2 years ago#34
Shyvana, hands down.

Transforming into a dragon anytime I feel angry? Pretty please :)

Also, fast running, breathing fire and lightning fast punches.
I love dragons!
White FC: 2194 3983 9072
2 years ago#35
Zilean, save someone from death only to put a bomb on them and see them die.
Leggo my Eigo
2 years ago#36
Twisted Fate's

1. Be a professional card shark

2. Throw magical cards in people's faces for AOE pimpslaps

3. Throw other kind of cards to stun or slow people down.

4. Improved physical posture I guess

5. See everything and teleport around the world.
Official and Original Mountain-Eating Goddamn Aggron of the Black/White Boards
AKA Ninjaluffy/ Minecraft Name: Anaven
2 years ago#37
ahri for that charm
2 years ago#38
Amumu so my tears can actually kill people.
2 years ago#39
Nasus syphon strike...

There can be only one!!!!!
I don't always lose, but when I do it's purple sideu!!!
2 years ago#40
Kassadin, duh.
"Assume all cover will explode. And if it doesn't explode, expect aliens to throw grenades in order to fix that"
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  3. You can have one champ's abilities IRL

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