Bottom Lane and Their Counters

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1.That's false my friend. Very false. If you take E on Soraka level 1 I will trade with you all day at level 1 and there's nothing you can do but get zoned out. Me and several others are maxing Q on Soraka and playing her more aggressive and the results are significantly better than old Max W/E Soraka and sit back.

What's your IGN and elo and who are the others that are doing this and succeeding quite well with it?
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It takes some goddamn impeccable timing to whirlwind Leona in her Zenith. And I don't really see that Soraka vs. Taric lane going the way you say it does. Taric might have trouble allowing his adc to murder yours without a side misplaying, but Taric is good because he's versatile enough to be good played aggressively or passively.
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TheConductorSix posted...

Level 2 Taric will come to Stun/Shatter your carry.

We dont take heal at lvl 2 anymore? What is this i dont even.
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What if im fizz at bot? Who would i counter
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What Taric takes heal that early. Take stun for invade or GEMS for golems. Taking heal means you cant trade and bully early.

Watch korean streams or even spectate from the client. Sorakas go Q because it allows for amazing extended trades

If you play passive against soraka you lose. Her sustain will eventually crush you. Beating soraka is about blowing.her up early and.keeping her down
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If you smart cast you can tornado leona every time simply by aiming at your carry. Leona E makes her almost mesh to your carry making the hitbox massive.

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Realo won gold at the Sex Olympics with a BROKEN FRIGGIN NECK.-Voltch