please help me explain to my brother why you DONT build HP on an ADC

#1deoxxysPosted 1/6/2013 7:40:07 PM
he says he wants survivabilty
Any Goat on a cliff would tell you that..
#2AlmightyHamSandwichPosted 1/6/2013 7:42:08 PM
Because, as the ADC, you should have at least 2 meatshields taking damage for you. On top of that, your damage should be high enough that lifesteal should give you adequate amounts of effective health.
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#3Shadow EdgePosted 1/6/2013 7:44:11 PM
Sometimes it's viable, specially against a poke team.

Otherwise, GA is usually enough. If enemies get to you you're pretty much dead anyway.
#4Chrikke666Posted 1/6/2013 7:46:07 PM
If the enemy team does not have enough CC to get a QSS, and your own team isn't teamfighting well enough, then I prefer my carry to have a Warmogs. People forget GA is only up every 5 minutes. Warmogs > GA/QSS in some cases for sure.
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#5albinorhino004Posted 1/6/2013 7:47:11 PM
Tell that to the pro ADs building warmogs
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#6shadowtemariPosted 1/6/2013 7:56:03 PM
He probably saw some tourney matches where they build warmogs on adc's which isnt always a bad idea*
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