Jax can't beat lee sin?

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Lee sin maxing W will beat/stalemate Jax.

Usually if Jax can get ahead though he should win. I dont know why he wasnt.

Also Elise stomps Jax so hard its not even funny.

Olaf is a skill matchup.

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Olaf owns Jax.

hahahah no...

Olaf is winning trades due to that true damage and built in lifesteal.

Jax buys a vamp and presses E and watches your true damage miss, GG

WOW. This guy has got to be trolling
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I've been saying for the longest time that Lee Sin beats Jax in lane, but NOPELOLOLOJAXOPHEWINSEVERTHING.

Lots of things beat Jax. At least early in lane. Jax scales better than just about every solo top, I think and the ones that scale well he can out-duel