You just lost your lane

#1gwwakPosted 1/6/2013 9:18:55 PM
Who do you blame? - Results (313 votes)
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0.64% (2 votes)
1.28% (4 votes)
5.43% (17 votes)
AD Carry
3.83% (12 votes)
56.87% (178 votes)
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#2JennaTahliaPosted 1/6/2013 9:20:49 PM
Always jungler
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#3GevaudenPosted 1/6/2013 9:20:52 PM
Tho when I'm Support I must blame everyone else I can only do so much to boos thtme up and hand feed them kills yet they never learn and never take it.
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#4AK47plzPosted 1/6/2013 9:21:32 PM
jungler or support
#5GevaudenPosted 1/6/2013 9:23:43 PM
AK47plz posted...
jungler or support

Lol how could u ever blame support? U don't know how to buy a ward?
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#6BiglabronPosted 1/6/2013 9:25:58 PM(edited)
The only moment you should blame someone else is if your lane is being dove by the jungler and another lanes opponent.

If this occurs you have every right to blame your teammates if they didn't follow up at all. Even more so if the enemy walked through wards and you had over a minute to prepare for the lane dive.

At times I have told my jungler over a minute in advance that I was going to be tower dove by the enemy jungler and they did not setup for it. How could I know the dive was coming? Proper warding and understanding the dmg output of the opponent easily tells you if they intend to dive you. The wave positioning also informs you of the dive coming.
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#7AK47plzPosted 1/6/2013 9:26:18 PM
Gevauden posted...
AK47plz posted...
jungler or support

Lol how could u ever blame support? U don't know how to buy a ward?

I'm adc main, i've seen a lot of supports do really stupid stuff.
#8Nanahara715Posted 1/6/2013 9:27:51 PM

If I'm playing support and we lose lane, I blame the ADC - Quit screwing up. There are effing a bajillion wards around you, quit running in when I'm pinging their jungler sitting in the bush.

If I'm playing ADC, I blame the support - I've already bought 3 wards, and you've bought none. Effing do something useful.

I don't think I've ever blamed a jungler.
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#9VoidgolemPosted 1/6/2013 9:28:03 PM
Myself unless it's really excessive ganks from other lanes or getting dived a lot.
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#10TwoForTragedyPosted 1/6/2013 9:28:05 PM
If I lose lane I just say eff this and go roam and help team