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User Info: CheeseItBaggins

4 years ago#11
Purely_Luck posted...
Jungle: Start at wraiths then red and try and get a no smite leash. If you can't your clear won't be as smooth. If you get a no smite go do blue immediatley, hit 3, get your q last out of your threee skills, and go gank a lane. Start the gank by w-ing to a minion close to the target, and slow them with tempest and cripple, after that hit your w but don't proc until the end of your duration because they might burn flash.

Top: Starters, lee sin top will stomp 90% of the champs that go top, he loses to very few. Start boots/3 unless your against heavy AD (Renek, Garen) then start cloth five, until lvl 3 there are two different playstyles, one involves just denying them all phase, one revolves around being safe until lvl 3 then all in to kill them and win the lane right there, because of your absurd snowballing. The first method is grab W at lvl one, and whenever they go for their first last hit, W to that minion denying the last hit, and auto attack them 4 times, then back off as you do not have an atk speed buff. At lvl 6 all in by going W to their minion, 2 aa's w again, 2 aa's e, 2 aa's e again 2 aa's q, then an immediate ulti, then dash to them with Q, and finish them with autos and ignite. This will kill about 60% of bruisers from full to none.
Build generally goes
Boots-->2 Dorans-->Tabi-->Phage-->BT or Mallet, depending on if you need a tank or a damage dealing brusier-->Item you didn't get (BT or Mallet) GA-->Cleaver and usually that last slot is situational.
Always carry at LEAST 2 wards on you, for ward jumps. Do not be afraid to execute people with your ult if you think they'll get away.

Runes:8AD marks 1 Arp mark (Just my setup, seems to work a slight amt better than 9 ADS. Armor yellows, MR blues AD quints. 21/9 if against a squishy top, 9/21 with spec in Armor or MR depending on opponent. Lategame, you have 1 of 2 roles. ONE:Stand next to either of our carries and zone bruisers, if they leap onto your carry E them twice, and if they still attack him/her kick them away. OR you can frontline and knock their whole team up at once for massive damage.

Thanks for reading.

Top post 2013. Thanks a bunch.
You feelin' froggy, jump.
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