How many main champs should I have?

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2 years ago#1
I'm at level 25 now, so starting to think about champs that I want to use regularly to get better at and then move into ranked with them. What's a good amount of champs to have as 'mains'?
2 years ago#2
Depends on how expensive the champions you bought are.
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2 years ago#3
If you want to grow up to be as good as CenaxKikia, probably 0.
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2 years ago#4
Frankly, being really good with one champion could be enough to make your elo climb. There are many champions that can do several roles and can power through most match-ups in lane.

A good goal though is to be competent in at least two champions for each role.
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2 years ago#5
steamwr4p posted...
Depends on how expensive the champions you bought are.

I don't see how that matters?
2 years ago#6
You must master at least 10 champs before playing ranked.

However, I'd extend that list to 14.

My advice:
Top Main
Counter for a common counter to your Top main
Counter for your top main
Top Tank (If your main top is a jungle
Mid main
Counter for a common counter to your Mid main
Counter for your Mid main
Jungle Main
Other Jungle (If your jungle main is a tank, a non-tank)
ADC Main
Backup ADC (for use against your ADC if they pick it)
Main Support
Backup Support

So my list would be:
Rengar (Beats Pantheon)
Pantheon (Beats Gangplank)
Mordekaizer (Beats Diana)
Talon (Beats Malzahar, and also is useful as a counter to plenty of other mid champs)

Though, I add some other choices to the list in order to abuse opponents mistakes when banning (Shen, Maliphite), and to counter common champs (Vlad against Maliphite/Shen. Jayce against Darius/Shen, Kassadin against various mid champs, Renekton against various top champs, Warwick when he has synergy with lane)
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  3. How many main champs should I have?

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