C/D: You should be competent at every role if you want to play ranked

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3 years ago#1
C/D???? - Results (136 votes)
63.24% (86 votes)
36.76% (50 votes)
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Ez had 21 CS at 10 minutes, Draven had 91 and 8 kills.


Ez said "I can't play ADC or jungle..."

I was 5/1/1, Kat was 0/3/0 with less than half my CS but we lost because Ezreal couldn't CS/build/position at all.

Should you be able to play all roles well? or just specialise in a few.

Edit: The Kat was plat and I owned her in mid even though J4 ganked more than Shaco... Kat counters Zyra pretty hard too, and I followed her roaming and made it unsuccessful all laning phase >_>
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3 years ago#2
No way, you won a DOTA beta key
3 years ago#3
nah I play the roles I like
3 years ago#4
How someone cs that poorly is beyond me. But yeah, I pretty much think you should be able to do it all. Gotta remember though that there are people who are absolute GARBAGE.
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3 years ago#5
Particularly team ranked. But even in solo ranked, its better the more roles you can play, but its not mandatory.
3 years ago#6
The proof why your team need to buy MR even if you own Kat very hard.
Look R base damage and scaling , imagine it deal true damage because you dont buy MR.
3 years ago#7
Know 2-3 roles well, mostly in case your favourite role gets called.

There isn't much of a need for someone to be able to play Top, Mid, Bot, support, and jungler well, though it does help.
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3 years ago#8
Competent is a great term, yes.
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3 years ago#9
C. Sometimes you just get forced into roles that you don't want. It's not even difficult to be decent at a role. I'm really sick of people complaining that they don't know how to jungle or that they suck at support. Like, just take one day to learn how to do it so when the need arises you don't look like an incompetent idiot to the rest of your team.
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3 years ago#10
how come you didn't go bot and help them
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