Champion FAQ Experiment: What content should a Champion FAQ contain?

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I have honestly never seen SBAllen post a topic, other than the standard announcement kinda thing, since I have started coming to GameFaqs 8 years ago.
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From: spartanreborn1 | Posted: 1/8/2013 10:26:22 PM | #021
I have honestly never seen SBAllen post a topic, other than the standard announcement kinda thing, since I have started coming to GameFaqs 8 years ago.

lurk moar
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Can we get a social board, please?
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GameFAQS cannot compete with high traffic websites like for specific champions guides

It doesn't have to.

General guides probably wouldn't get any more hits than character guides. As useful as some people think long-winded explanations of the game are, it really comes down to some quick tips and hours and hours of practice and experience. People are generally looking for brief and quick information, and the vast majority of that is in regards to champions and items/builds.
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i'm already working on two faqs right now. a champion faq and a general faq intended for people who are just joining the game.
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Kirbix hit most of the points in the first post, but another section (doesn't have to be huge) is how to react in unexpected situations. For EX, with my nocturne I have a fairly standard build that I use every game. However, certain situations might arise where I should deviate from that build, either due to my team being significantly far ahead/behind, or because my team comp/enemy team comp suggests that building X item is bad, and should be switched for Y item.
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From: Kirbix | #012
Habnot posted...
From: anilEhilated | #005
I think the existing Annie FAQ is a good indication on how a guide should work; the problem is that the game updates so frequently that FAQs can become outdated literally in days.

Can't people just update the guide?

Of course they can. However, the fact that many do not is the biggest obstacle to gamefaqs. Allen himself admits that he's not a moba player. How then do we reliably monitor the guides for accuracy?

TBH, any guide I've looked at on GameFAQs was for a static console game with 0 patches (SNES/PS1 RPGs, etc.).

I have no clue how the update queue works. Can the poster just update their guide as need be without approval?
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Updates aren't instant so as to prevent a troll update. But they're pretty fast. Barring weekends and holidays, updates are usually posted within 24 hours.
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19 categories.

Intro to the character and who you are.
The Changelog of your character.
Summoner Spells
Skill Order
Item Builds
Early Game
Mid Game
Late Game
Team Fights
Frequently Asked Questions
Final Thoughts
Guide Changelog.
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Aphoristic posted...
Can we get a social board, please?

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