The last champion you played has been defeated by Megaman.

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mjc0961 posted...
Nothing, because it was canceled.

I laughed so hard. And then cried. :'I
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Every time X dashes he becomes invincible for one second and every three hits he does against a target causes 8 bars of damage to a boss and auto kills any non-boss enemy.
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omg thats awesome!
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Megaman fires a projectile that leaves a trail behind. He moves faster on the trail, and any enemies hit by the projectile also leave the trail behind.
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Megaman gains a projectile that travels through enemies and slows them when hit. He also gets a beard.
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Megaman can now shoot metal projectiles.

Megaman's fully charged metal shots give him a new armor bar which can absorb enemy attacks up to a maximum of half of Megaman's max health.

Each fully charged shots adds 2 armor to the bar on hit at the cost of 1 of his current health when fired.
Additionally, enemies killed by this weapon will add 1 small metal piece circling Megaman, these will disappear when an enemy comes into contact with the shield, damaging them, or when they block a projectile. Can have up to a max of 4 pieces protecting Megaman at once.
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His attacks are poisonous now and stack to make more damage with other weapons.

also, best topic ever
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EtherPhoenix posted...
Easy. Mega Man absorbs Nunu's power and gets Ice Ball.

Makes me want Mega Man as a champ. His R is the R of whatever champ he last killed. Hey, a guy can hope, can't he?

why dont u post it somehwere the devs might see it?
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Mega Man harnasses the power of Yi and slam dunks a guy through the fourth dimension.