Are there any champs you consider blatantly OP?

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tlalynet0 posted...
How much has eve actually changed since she was considered a troll pick?

Last I saw she was nerfed (her ult mostly) and is still considered OP.

She's my main, so I do understand how good she can be, but why has she gone from Terribad to OP? I just don't want another nerf on her, it takes a lot of focus to play her well even now.


She's your main and you were what, sleeping under a bridge when they re-worked her entire kit? She doesn't require jack to play well, but feel free to live in your delusional bubble.
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I find it hilarious that people now think KhaZix is OP.

Remember when he was laughed at for not having a proper role?
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From: Dark_Dc | #022
I find it hilarious that people now think KhaZix is OP.

Remember when he was laughed at for not having a proper role?

I remember the days of "Hey guys max/evolve W, it's sorta ridiculous" followed by "NO NUB UR NOT GOLD EVOLVE Q".

you'd think, after the eighth or ninth time, people would realize that I am a veritable god of prediction.
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I guess you could say eve's kit is "too strong" for something that forces an entire team to adjust their play style. Pink wards ARE effective but smart evelyns can roam around them or something... (Back through lane and walk around the jungle and up through lane instead of just through an entrance).

But idk, I've been irked by so many rumble's who were shut down in lane and are still a game winning factor because of dat ult
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Whenever I want a free win, I play Kennen.
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Most people don't realize though that's Eve burst damage (non-DFG) only come from her Ult followed by E. (which are both getting significantly nerfed as of the last few PBE patch-notes)

You essentially have an assassin who has to entirely depend on her ult to burst, as her Q is sustained damage, W, is a sprint, and using E generally puts you at risk since you have to in melee range as a squishy AP champ.

Now look at plenty of other champions (ei: Kha'Zix) that don't even need their ultimate to be able to 100-0 someone like nothing and/or have a much better engage/escape.

Honestly I could just be looking too much into this, but for all I know the real reason people hate AP assassins like Eve/TF is because they refuse to get mr until it's too late (after a few kills) or that it's hard to escape from either when you are on low health.
(which in reality is really just punishing someone for over-extending/not going back to heal after a fight/skirmish)
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Maximum damage to each enemy: 400 / 500 / 600 (+ 175% AP) (+ 300% bonus AD)

This is Katarina ult number , assume you shutdown Katarina hard and Kat only buy Sorc , Revolver and Guise. So lets say Kat is at lvl 11 with 80 AD and 80 AP. Team fight break and she spin in full duration. Thats 500+140+240=880 damage on 1 champion already. Because she have 8% + 38 mpen she deal freaking true damage to your stupid for not buying MR team. 3 of that derp dead ? she get all skill refreshed and stomp the rest.

How to deal Katarina :
A. Hard CC her spin to win instantly
B. Shut her down in lane
C. Buy fking MR before she get fed
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MakJuss posted...

C. Buy fking MR before she get fed

Youd'e be surprised how often I see that in the post game lobby that the enemy team either bought no mr at all or only bought 1 item shortly before the game ended when I play as Eve.
Common sense seems to be more uncommon.
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Karma is the answer to Kat.
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Anything on the enemy team in any ARAM match, and anything on my team including what I'm using is underpowered.

Oh wait, that's just 5 1k elos vs 5 2k elos. lol all mid all unfair.
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