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4 years ago#1
Which should I main? - Results (3 votes)
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0% (0 votes)
33.33% (1 votes)
Lee Sin
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Jarvan IV
33.33% (1 votes)
33.33% (1 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I am using way too many champions and I want to focus on one and only guy I can play in ranked on as many positions as possible.
Also, I really like an idea to be "that champ guy", like Wicked's Irelia, Westrice's Akali or Froggen's Anivia.

I reduced the pool to couple of them.

1. Jayce
My most played champion, I can do him top, ADC and jungle (and support as a counter to couple comps, its basicly hardcounter to Leona and Alistar), with ADC Jayce being my most played and most succesful role in S2.
My jungle Jayce needed some tuning, but now I have good itembuild strategy and ganking strategy to actually jungle well with him, +special rune/mastery page dedicated just to his jungle. It's also one of very few champions I did several exhausting math studies to make him as gold-effective as possible.
And AP Jayce is a thing I can play and do well to some effect and did a bit of theorycrafting on to make it ~viable.

2. Jax
My strongest jungler, mediocre top laner in my hands, but I can play him well on mid (I have a AP Jax build, that I sometimes use and it works fine. Especially since on mid, R gives me enormous Mres), I need to improve my teamfighting with him though, since I get too hasty and even with good lead I die far too often.
Another thing is that Nemesis Jax is one of my favorite skins ever.

3. Fizz
I really really like Fizz. I play him a lot and especially on Dominion, I can play him bruiser and I can play him assassin. But I suffer same teamfighting problems as with Jax. Also I somewhat feel like I have to work far too much in lane to matter. But I got quite good with his E and avoiding stuff. Also Fizz is very underplayed champion, so it would be easier to become "that Fizz guy"
About Fizz jungle, I can do good clears, but he is kinda mediocre ganker without ult.

4. Lee Sin
I love his kit (you can see trend here, I like champs with mobility). I can jungle him well and especially counterjungle with him, but I somehow cant carry games with him even if I get fed in jungle. He is my favorite champ to do ganks with, but I still need to work on landing my Q. But I wont be "that guy" with Lee Sin because of his popularity. Also he is common ban/pick.

5. Jarvan IV
I really dominate with him on Dominion, but I cant seem to go similar god-mode in summoner's rift. I cant lane him well or jungle him that effectively. And even if I do, I feel like I am outperformed unless I build tank/initiator and I dont want to play that. But I do well with him as support.

6. Taric
I play him from time to time outside of support position and I really enjoy him simply because he reminds me of Paladin, which I spent playing 4 years in WoW and still miss sometimes. His top is nice, his jungle is nice, his AP mid is nice. And is only legitime support on the list, so I can basicly play him any lane. But he is very often picked for support and considered trollpick outside support, which can create very unpleasant experience. But there really isnt a "outside-of-support Taric guy" either, so the spot's open.
4 years ago#2
why not all of them they're mostly different
4 years ago#3
Well yeah, but thats 6 champions and as the study goes you need 10.000 hours devoted to becoming expert in one thing. And I want to pour that 10.000 hours to one champ to really become expert on the matter.
4 years ago#4
I'd say Fizz because I don't know any freaky fish guys.

Nathan's Lee.
Doc's Taric
PBR's Jax.
Someone here plays Jarvan.
I'm pretty sure Jayce is pretty popular.
4 years ago#5
Well ive been working on maining fizz oh well i guess i can find somebody new, maybe wukong
4 years ago#6
Unit1027 posted...
Well ive been working on maining fizz oh well i guess i can find somebody new, maybe wukong


Anyway why is pole closed :<
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4 years ago#7
Fizz is great. He is probably my third favorite champ, with Veigar number one and Karthus in second.
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4 years ago#8
JaggiJumper posted...

Anyway why is pole closed :<

It is? Huh. How did I locked it? :/
How do I unlock it?
4 years ago#9
Taric for sure.

He owns. Can play every role.
4 years ago#10
You can't main FIzz, Anbu mains FIzz. I miss the poor guy.
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